Design Your Own Double Sided Curtains

Twofold sided drapes can add a wonderful hint of brightening style to any room in your home. By planning draperies to be twofold sided, you’ll have the option to play with various variety and example mix’s. This style of drapes is an incredible arrangement to make configuration interest by utilizing two differentiating tones or examples. In any case, you could likewise need to utilize this style so you can appreciate shaded drapes inside while showing plain white from an external perspective.

Estimating the Windows

You’ll have to painstakingly gauge the windows before you can make a couple of twofold sided shades. In the event that you as of now have your drape pole introduced, you can gauge upward from the highest point of the bar to where you need the shade stitch to fall. Then, at that point, add two extra creeps to this estimation for the base stitch and two crawls for the top header. In double sided tape the event that you want a more profound sew or a more full header, change your estimations likewise. While estimating the width, you’ll have to think about the ideal completion of your draperies. On the off chance that you measure the general width of the window, involving this width for every one of the two boards will make a decent measure of totality. Be that as it may, you can change this estimation to make the ideal impact. Add two crawls to each drape board estimation to consider the side trims. When you have these estimations, you can utilize them to buy the right measure of texture. Since the draperies will be twofold sided, you’ll have to buy similar measure of texture in two distinct varieties or examples.

Fundamental Materials

Notwithstanding your two distinct shades of texture, you’ll likewise require straight pins, an estimating tape, a sharp pair or scissors, and a sewing machine. On the off chance that you like, you could utilize a rotating shaper and a mat to cut your texture. Prior to cutting your texture, you ought to wash and dry it first so it is pre-contracted. Then, at that point, iron it so it is sans wrinkle and simple to work with. Cut the texture into the appropriately measured shade boards with the goal that you have two boards from every texture choice.

Sewing the Drapes

To sew the primary shade board, position the two different texture pieces with their right sides confronting one another and pin together. Sew the top edges together utilizing a half-inch crease recompense. You can then sew down two crawls along one side. Measure down an extra one and a half inches, leaving that region unstitched to consider the drape bar. Then, keep on sewing down the edge until you arrive at the base. Sew the opposite side of the drape board in a similar design.