We as a whole have Victorian style furniture at home and however the style doesn’t have a substitute yet on occasion they begin looking so old that we start to ponder arranging them off. Recollect that Victorian age is known for its style and magnificence so never abandon whatever has a place with that period. If your ‘bureau’s looks old, attempt to recharge it by painting it. This is the way you can make it happen:

You want: Dresser; coarse sandpaper; fine sandpaper; paint stripper, if necessary; tack material; paint brushes; plastic groundwork; plastic paint (two tones, your decision); water-based polyurethane; miter box; wood shaping, pencil; 1” x 6” pine, length equivalent to top back edge of the chest (backsplash); wood stick; excited completing nails; enriching wood pull-out pulls.

To Do:

Eliminate all equipment. Clean chest with a soggy fabric. Assuming that chest is totally painted, paint over, or strip existing paint with stripper prior www.newstylefurniture.co.uk to painting. To eliminate old, chipping paint, sand patches with coarse sandpaper until regions is smooth to the touch. Get done with fine sandpaper over same region until happy with perfection of chest surface. Dust off with the tack fabric.

Painting Chest:

Prime. (You might require two coats.) Let dry. Paint somewhere around two layers of lighter shades of plastic paint, drying between coats.

Planning Trim: utilizing the miter box, measure/slice portions of embellishment to make verges on every cabinet, roughly 1 1/2” in from all sides of cabinet. Prime/paint forming with the hazier shade of the plastic paint; let dry.

Adding Embellishment: With pencil, delicately move forming estimations to drawers, so shaping lines up accurately. Then apply wood paste to the rear of each piece as you go, brushing on a thin strip and streamlining it the back. (try not to over-apply paste or it will overflow out, making shaping slide awkward.) Paste progressive piece of trim to front of chest. Let dry.

Adding Backsplash: Prime/paint pine sheets same as chest. Nails, to top back edge of chest.

Getting ready Cabinet Pulls: Prime/paint cabinet pulls same as trim strips.

Fastening Cabinet Pulls: Paste on or drill openings, then screw pulls to drawers.