A Difference between Advanced Standing and Bachelor Equivalence

Bachelor equivalence is a very important step in obtaining admission to a postgraduate/ graduate master degree or similar (and therefore obtaining an unconditional offer from the university of your choice). Only after you have established bachelor equivalence (or have evidence of an appropriate bachelor degree) is it possible for you to obtain a full offer, and after that you still have to apply for a visa, book a flight, etc. This means that you will have to acquire your bachelor degree (or obtain bachelor equivalence) several weeks/months before you can depart for Australia.

From your viewpoint it may seem just as important to receive advanced standing for units in the degree. But the key difference for you is that you can obtain advanced standing (if you can fulfil the conditions) after your arrival in Australia.

This difference can be very important for German students. Let us assume that you are awarded an appropriate bachelor degree (or can demonstrate bachelor equivalence) after the results of your German examinations are known (say in the German Summer Semester 2009). Results from the German SS are usually published in September, October or even November. At that point you probably have sufficient time to gain admission into a coursework master degree starting in the Australian Semester 1 of year 2010. Consequently you can receive an unconditional offer, pay the first instalment of your fees, obtain a visa and fly to Australia around the middle of February in 2010. (At this stage you will probably not be able to obtain advanced standing.)

However you now have the chance to enrol in the German Winter Semester 2009/10 and receive advanced standing in Australia for the courses which you have just completed in the German WS. Your results for these courses will probably not be available before you fly to Australia, but this is not normally a problem, because you can apply for advanced standing in Australia after you have received your results.

However, if you can only demonstrate that you have a bachelor degree or equivalent based on your results in WS 2009/10 then you will not be able to start your course until July 2010.

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