Financing Your Studies in Australia

Studying in Australia is not cheap − even though it is much cheaper for example than studying in the U.S.A. This means that one of the first things which you have to do as an aspiring student is to ensure that you have sufficient funding to finance your studies in Australia. You will need to have a good idea of how much finance you will need, and how you can find funding which will help you to pay the bill. I will try to give you an idea about how you can find out more about both subjects. But before we get down to details we begin with a brief discussion of the problem of transferring money between Germany and Australia.

Please keep two things in mind as you read this information:

  • There is no magic wand which will help you to find the financial support which you may need. If you cannot pay the bills, and these hints do not help you further, then nobody can help you to find a way of studying in Australia.
  • So please do not build up false hopes by claiming that you have sufficient finances when that is not the case.

Your expectations for receiving external financial help should be realistic. If you are not yet a member of a Stiftung, for example, or you are not close to the borderline for receiving normal BAföG or your marks are not at least moderately good when planning to apply for a DAAD scholarship, then you should realise that your chance of receiving funding from these sources may not be good.

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