This guide aims to provide German students who wish to spend part of their studies in Australia with comprehensive information to help them achieve this goal. It is based on my combined experiences as a Professor in Germany and in Australia over a period of more than 30 years and a decade of experience helping German students to enrol for degrees in Australian universities, in most cases with advanced standing. It was originally written as an eBook which was available only on my website ( because it was then more easily updated than a printed book would be, and its controlled availability meant that students who bought the book always had access to the latest information. However information about studying in Australia frequently changes, for example as a result of new Australian government rules and changes to individual courses and course rules at the various Australian universities with which I cooperated. One way of trying to keep the information as up to date as possible was by providing URLs to the sources of some of the information, and in the this online guide you will therefore find many URL references to the websites of funding authorities, government sources, Australian universities, etc. But even this does not guarantee that you will get the latest information, because these authorities frequently restructure their websites. Consequently you may from time to time find that this guide contains broken links. If you do find such links, I am always interested to hear about them and update them as soon as possible. By informing me of broken links you are helping future students. You can contact me here. I wrote the guide in English so that the Australian universities with which I cooperated could not only read the text but also suggest improvements which will benefit German students. But that is not the only reason. I believe that reading this book will help German students to improve their English reading ability before they arrive in Australia, which is one of the important skills which they will need.

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