The Australian University System

When the German university reform process started in the mid 1990s one of the main ideas was to make it more compatible with the Anglo-American university system and hence to facilitate the transferability of students between these systems. This was also a key aim of the European Union's Bologna Process. But of course it did not take long for the politicians to show their failure fully to understand these systems. The result is that you now study in Germany in a system which only superficially resembles that which is found in the Anglo-American world. In fairness to the politicians I should mention that there is no completely uniform system to be found in the USA, England, Canada, Australia, India, etc. But the system now found in Germany is so far removed from all of those systems that the result probably creates almost as many problems for a German student wishing to study in an Anglo-American country as existed before the reforms.

Hence for a German student wishing to study in Australia the first problem is to understand the Australian degree system, because this is quite different from the new bachelor/master system which has recently been introduced to Germany. However, before we describe the Australian degree system in greater detail, we first take a look at the background of Australian universities, to give you a feel for what an Australian university is.