The Problem of Medical Examinations

Sometimes there is a small problem with such a plan, because it can result in your having to take a medical examination before you can receive a student visa (which is not normally necessary if you stay in Australia for less than a year).

If you have enrolled in say a 3 semester master degree before you are in a position to receive advanced standing, the Australian university will issue you with an official "Confirmation of Enrolment" (COE) which indicates that you plan to study for 3 semesters (even though this is not your intention). When you use the COE to apply for a study visa the Australian Government will probably require you to take an extensive medical examination with a medical practitioner nominated by the Australian Embassy in Germany before they issue a visa. This will cost extra time and money. The reason is that the Australian Government only allows German visitors to enter Australia for less than a year, unless they have passed such a medical examination! For more on visa applications (and a possible way of avoiding this problem), see chapter 6 section 7.